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I have been practising Hatha yoga since 2004. I completed a 200 hour yoga teaching diploma with Camyoga in 2014 and I have been teaching since then. This diploma is registered with the International Yoga Alliance, the Independent Yoga Network and the UK Register of Exercise Professionals. 

I also have 550 hours of Yoga Therapy Training with Yoga United Education, completed in 2020. 


... yoga


Yoga creates balance and space in the body and mind and has many specific health benefits. The practice increases awareness through slow movement, breathing, meditation, and relaxation which brings a sense of well-being. The aim is not to develop strength and flexibility but these may be an extra benefit. 


... the class


Suitable for all, including beginners. Movements are done slowly with awareness of how the body is feeling and focusing on the breath allows you to go deeper into the postures leaving you feeling calm and clear. It may also contain some more challenging options but will always start with a basic position so you can choose what feels right for your body according to your individual needs.


What to expect


We usually start laying down and relaxing. Then slowly warming up different parts of the body. The main part of the class is usually some standing postures. Then we slow down again and finish with a 10 to 15 mins relaxation. 
Yoga is non-competitive and anyone can do it. Start by accepting where you are and how you feel  (and that may be different each week). Try not to compare yourself with others in the class. Please rest anytime you need to.


Wear comfortable clothes. Please bring a blanket for kneeling on and to help you keep warm when relaxing. If you don't have a yoga mat there are some you can borrow. Yoga blocks are provided.